Two Commanders of Armed Oppositions Kill

Friday April 4, 2014 Kabul (BNA) Two commanders of armed rebels were killed by security forces in Kunduz province the other day. National army and National police forces targeted armed rebels’ hideout, as a result of which Qari Ahmad Shah Mujahid and Qari Zabihullah two commanders of them were killed, another wounded and three others arrested in Khan Abad district of the province. Sayeed Sarwar Hussaini spokesman of Kunduz police chief in a telephonic converstaion confirmed the incident said, two commanders of armed rebels along with a man were killed and three other insurgents arrested in the incident. According to Hussaini the incident occurred while security forces launched an operation to eliminate armed opposition from Khan Abad district, Kunduz province. It has been said dozen villages cleaned from the existence of armed oppositions in the district.

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