Two Positive Cases of Polio Recorded in Jawzjan

Sheberghan (BNA) According to the Jawzjan Public Health Management Team, two positive cases of polio have been reported in Aqcha and Manjak districts of the province.

Abdul Ghaffar Khoshival, director of public health Dept. in Jawzjan, told BNA, despite the fact that in 1399, three polio vaccines were implemented to” 339,000 “children in Jawzjan.

However, the proportion of insecurities in different parts of Jawzjan has not been adjusted for “57,000” children eligible for polio vaccine.

He added that Aqcha and Manjak districts are among the most insecure districts in the province, where two positive polio cases have been recorded recently.

According to Khoshiwal, a sample of these two polio positive cases was sent to the center, which was reported as positive.

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