US Deputy Defense Secretary Apologizes over Holy Quran Burning In Bagram Military Base

Thursday 23 February 2012,

(BNA) Kabul

American Deputy Defense Secretary, Dr. Ashton B. Carter called on President Karzai on Wednesday to discuss a number of issues of bilateral importance.


At the meeting held in the Presidential Palace, top NATO commander Gen. Allen, who was accompanying the deputy Secretary, briefed the President on the incident in which copies of the Holy Quran were burnt at Bagram military base, once again expressing his sincere apologies.


The US Deputy Defense Secretary expressed his regrets over the incident and apologized on behalf of Secretary Panetta to President Karzai and the people of Afghanistan.


President Karzai asked NATO commander to fully cooperate with the delegation assigned to investigate the incident in the military base and told him to “make sure that such incidents do not happen again in future.”


Other subjects discussed in the meeting included talks on security situation, training and the equipping of Afghan security forces, the coming up Chicago conference as well as the issue of the handover of Bagram Prison control to Afghanistan. 


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