U.S. Dispatches 100 Soldiers To Helmand

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Kabul (BNA) The United States has sent about 100 troops to Lashkargah, provincial capital of southern Helmand province to defend it from Taliban forces, which have seized several neighboring districts and now threaten to overtake the capital of the province.
The soldiers will provide training and support to Afghan troops, U.S. forces spokesman, Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland said the other day.
Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook also confirmed the deployment at a press briefing on Monday.  “They’ve gone down there to assist the police zone headquarters and their leadership team with a focused train, advise and assist mission,” Cook said, adding “this will not be a permanent presence.” The Helmand province was originally a focus for U.S. troops because of its role as the epicenter of the country’s opium industry, but troop levels had declined in recent years.

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