US to Sponsor Many Projects In Ghazni

Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Ghazni (BNAS) The US ambassador to Afghanistan announced to complete several projects worth $30 million in southern Ghazni province this year. 
Addressing at a joint news conference with Governor Musa Khan Akbarzada in Ghazni city, Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker said the US would contribute in the eras of health, education, training, agriculture and other projects in the province. 
A meeting of culture ministers from the Islamic countries selected Ghazni city as the Asian capital of the Islamic civilization for the year 2013 and vowed to support the province in 2013 celebration. 
Crocker said that both Afghanistan and the US were working on a strategic cooperation agreement, and pledged that the Americans would not leave the country alone and continue supporting beyond 2014, when all foreign forces are scheduled to withdraw from the country. 
“The peace process is under way and Taliban now that they have an exclusive address, it is for the Taliban to decide whether to negotiate peace or continue to fight,” the ambassador said. 
Governor Akbarzada welcomed the aid promise held out by the ambassador and said dozens of developmental projects would be launched immediately after the winter. 
He asked foreign aid agencies and the central government to give the province $ 20 million (987.4 million Afs) next year. 
Several multimillion dollar projects have already been executed by the US and the Polish provincial reconstruction Team (PRT) in the province. 
Former senator Maulana Abdur Rahman Hakimi also welcomed the US assistance and said the province had been neglected over the past decade and needed more attention.

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