Usmani Meets Turkmen Foreign Minister

Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zarar Ahmad Usmai who heads a delegation during official visit to Turkmenistan held meeting with his Turkmenistan counterpart and deputy Ministers Council Rashid Muradove in Ashgabat yesterday.
According to the public relation office of the foreign ministry to BNA, in the meeting matters relating enhancing bilateral friendly relations between the two countries, creation of transit route between Afghan and Black sea via Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia as well as connecting Afghanistan to Kazakhstan through Turkmenistan and transferring energy from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan on ward to Pakistan and India by implementation of TOPY project was discussed.
The foreign minister of Turkmenistan in the meeting stated that “the governments and the people of both the countries with having cultural commonalities have been living in co-existence throughout centuries as two brotherly nations” adding the friendly relations between the two countries which is based bilateral respect and friendly neighborhood have further developed over the past years and common perception and cordial relation between the presidents of both nations have significant impact on deepening the friendly relations.
For his part, the foreign minister of Afghanistan thanked the Turkmen side for adopting warm hospitality described Turkmenistan as a good neighbor of Afghanistan and said,” The government and the people of Afghanistan is satisfied of its neighborhood with Turkmenistan and wants more expansion in bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries”.
The foreign minister also pointed that developing relations between the two countries would farther stabilize peace and security in the region.
Foreign Minister Usmani said in the meeting that the objective of his visit to Turkmenistan was to discuss the creation transit route between Afghanistan and the Black sea through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia to boost trade and economic activities.
Agreeing with the proposal the deputy to Turkmenistan’s Ministers Council and foreign minister said in the meeting that a joint commission will be formed to study the feasibility of the project to facilitate Afghanistan have access to the transit route of the black sea.
Both foreign ministers also inked an agreement enabling the two countries to have consultation on political fields.
Foreign Minister Usmani later visited the Diplomacy Academy of Turkmenistan and in his address highlighted the achievements that Afghanistan has made over the past 12 years.
In part of his speech said that the major responsibility of a diplomat is to tie his or her country’s interest to other nations, saying in the world which we live today we need peaceful environment and such environment is available through creating trust and sharing interests among the nations.

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