Usmani Meets Turkmen President

Saturday, March 08, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Foreign Affairs Zarar Ahmad Usmani, during his visit to Turkmenistan, met President Qurbanquli Berdi Mohammadov.
Foreign Ministry press office reported, both sides discussing extension of bilateral relations between the two countries, establishment of transit route between Afghanistan and Black sea through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia, establishment of transit route between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan through Turkmenistan, transition of gas from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, acceleration of TAPI project, acceptance of Afghan students by Turkmenistan universities in various sections including medical and continuation of humanitarian and winter assistance and delivering health services by Turkmenistan to Afghan people living along the country’s  borders.
First, Turkmen President welcomed Afghanistan Minister of Foreign Affairs, considering the minister’s visit to Turkmenistan as key in extension of bilateral relations between the two countries.
“Political relations between the two friends and brother countries were in high level. There are good opportunities for tightening relations in economical, trade, transit and energy sectors between the two countries,” Turkmen President added.
Following, Afghanistan Minister of Foreign Affairs praised meeting opportunity with Turkmen president and passed best wishes of president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai to Turkmen president.
Minister of Foreign Affairs in a meeting with his Turkmen counterpart said, “Extension of friendly relations with Turkmenistan is key for government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. We believe by implementing bilateral projects in various sectors as transit and transition of energy, we can highly take advantage for the interests of our  countries.
The agenda of my visit to Turkmenistan was to discuss related to establishment of transit route between Afghanistan and Black Sea through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia and establishment of another transit route between Afghanistan Kazakhstan through Turkmenistan, which was fortunately useful and satisfactory.” In return, Turkmen President welcomed the plan for the establishment of the transit routes, agreeing on the statement. He also considered successful implementation of bilateral and multilateral projects between the neighboring countries as important towards maintaining common interests and strengthening of trust and safe environment in the region.

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