Ustad Quraishi Receives Top Afghan-Turk Documentary Film Writing Award

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A number of writers and poets who had been engaged in writing essays on the occasion of Assad 28, the country’s independent day received awards through a meeting held in the ministry of information and culture. 
Assistant Prof. Abdul Hadi Quraishi, the scenarist for Afghan-Turk friendship documentary film was awarded the first number prize. 
The Afghan-Turk partnership had officially been started by both the Afghan king, Shah Amanullah and the Turkish Ataturk in March of 1921 and played in the national TV and the foreign ministry’s delegation and the friendly Turkish ambassador. 
The BNA and Kabul Times leading bodies congratulate the victory for Ustad Quraishi and wish him more success in the future.

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