Victory of ANFT In AGS Admirable

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Kabul (BNA) In recent time, the Afghan National Football Team (ANFT) was able to hoist the Afghan flag among the flags of the world countries and achieve certain prides.
Talking to the Kabul Times correspondent on the victories and gains of ANFT. General Secretary of Afghanistan Football Federation Ali Reza Aqazadah said, fortunately the ANFT was able to acquire great achievements and victories which are pride not only to AFF but to all people.
The ANFT during the recent activities of World Football Federation, succeeded to get 13 privileges than the previous month and with gaining of 266 privileges stood in the rank of 122 of the world and 17 in Asia. In South Asia Afghanistan remained in the first position and the ANFT among the current teams in Asia challenge is in the first position, the ANFT in case of victory in two friendly competitions on Apr 13 with team of Kirghizstan in Dubai the capital of UAE and the second with the team of Tajikistan in Dushanbe, we hope to continue these victories. At present ANFT has special reputation among its global rival teams.
With its consecutive victories, the ANFT in Asia games has a astonished the world people.
We have arranged short, medium and long term plans for improvement of ANFT. Employment of an acknowledged German trainer called Erick Murrel would considerably increase chance of further victories for Afghan footballers.
A challenge of Asia Cup is expected to be arranged in Kwait and in which the ANFT will compete with teams of Philippine and Laos and in case of victories we will compete with teams of Philippine or Kirghizstan in final round. And we hope that our players will gain achievements in this round. At present they are exercising in UAE and they will return to Kabul.
The Afghan government authorities have fulfilled their pledges to support ANFT and now it depends upon our players to make more efforts, because almost every facility has been provided.

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