Wakhan Announced As 2nd National Park

Monday, March 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The district of Wakhan in Badakhshan province was announced as the second National Park in Afghanistan by the Environment Directorate on Sunday.
Addressing a meeting, Mustafa Zahir the head of the Environment Directorate said that Wakhan district with location on Pamir and Hindokush mountains where the minority tribes of Wakhi and Kirgiz have been living with different culture.
Wakhan by having beautiful landscape and having rare animals has been recognized as throne of Afghanistan since long today is announced as second National Park after Band-e-Amir in Bamyan.
The Environment Directorate and the Ministry for Agriculture and Irrigation in line with the constitution and environment law for safeguarding the cultural and natural heritage have jointly announced Wakhan as second national park of the country.
Speaking at the meeting the minister for agriculture Mohammad Asif Rahimi said that announcing Wakhan district as the national park would attract national and international tourists which are important for the development of the economy of Wakhan people.
The deputy to ministry for information and culture Nabi Farahi in his address at the meeting described announcing Wakhan as national park a significant step for development of the local economy, Afghanistan with having beautiful landscape can attract the tourists in every season of the year.
Farahi also added that the ministry for information and culture facilitates national and international tourists to visit natural beauties of Afghanistan. Wakhan with a territory of 42 thousand kilometer squares is the house of rare birds, Marco polo, snow tigers and brown bears.

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