Washington To Hold Trilateral Talks This Month

Monday September 5, 2016

Kabul (BNA) U.S. Secretary of State after talks with Indian officials in New Delhi held on regional situation particularly Afghanistan, declared that Washington will hold a trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, India and the U.S. in UN Summit this month.
The details are not officially cleared, but the sources believe that the meeting is expected to discuss variety of issues such as fighting terrorism, ensuring enduring peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region, equipping of the Afghan security forces, expansion of political, security and economic relations between Kabul and New Delhi. On the other, in regard with regional sensitivities, particularly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, the U.S. secretary of state said that absence of Pakistan in the meeting doesn’t mean it is isolated. It is worth mentioning that following the US secretary of state visit to New Delhi, the officials of the government of Afghanistan believe that good relations between U.S. and India is in its benefit and Pakistan will be isolated regionally and internationally by each passing day. Now the question is what caused Afghanistan to be optimistic on imposing pressure by the U.S. on Pakistan?
It seems one of the reasons to be trust in US recent remarks in New Delhi, as relation between the US and India has wonderfully bolstered since the last two years. Likewise, the U.S. and Afghan officials stressed that Pakistan should seriously step up against terrorist groups operational in its soil. Actually, despite historical relations of Pakistan and the U.S. on fighting terrorism and strengthening world peace and considering economic and political competitions between the U.S. and China, India could open a trustable door in its foreign policy. Amid ongoing ups and downs in relations between Islamabad and the US on Pakistan double policy on fighting terrorism, unwontedly closed India’s relations with Afghanistan. Warm and realistic policy of India in Afghanistan is the best way helped it reach its goals. Therefore, Afghanistan is a good friend of India that caused U.S. and India to get closed and it uses the international conditions in its national interests.
Lailuma Noori

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