WB Allocate $ 70m For Rehabilitation And Development of Irrigation Systems In Afghanistan

Sunday August 28, 2016

Kabul (BNA) World Bank has allocated USD 70 million for rehabilitation and development of irrigation systems in Afghanistan.
Engineer Barez general head of Harirud Murghan Marine said, trying to allocate the part of the cost to Herat province.
In addition Barez rejected the issue that all the cost to be spent in Salma Dam said, so far it is not specified how much of the budget will allocated to Herat province, particularly in rehabilitation and reconstruction of canals and maintenance of Salma Dam.
The department has many projects in this field and is seeking on financing, Barez added.
According to him, recently Ministry of Water and Power in order to provide additional security to the infrastructure project undertaken plan for the construction of protective wall of Salam Dam with length of 10 km and height of three meters and put the project to bid.
Barez explained that the cost of the project is USD 300,000 funded by Ministry of Water and Power, which didn’t use from the new allocated budget.
Afghanistan in 2011 entered in phase of implementation project of IRD that according to the plan will implement and end by the end of 2017.
World Bank and donor countries demanded USD 70 million in initial cost of the project, which increase USD 148,7 and now the total cost of the project reach to USD 219,7 and duration of its implementation of the project also determined for three years, meanwhile the project will be implemented until December, 2020.
Mohammad Gul Hamidi project manager at rehabilitation and development of irrigation systems in Afghanistan told, the aim of the project is access to water in remote areas, strengthening and capacity building for management of water dams and expansion of water resources management in the national level and basins.
The projects has four parts that include development of Beaches Rivers that face at risk in flood seasons, maintenance and development of dams, secure management of dams and support for the management of dams lawfulness.
According to Hamidi, 230,000 families have been able to get access to basic human needs upon completion of these projects so far, which 160 water canals have been implemented and put into exploitation and the construction work of 62 others water canals are underway.
He asserted that efforts of employees of the project in the implementation caused the project recognized as successful project and World Bank allocated USD 70m gratuitous assistance to this project.

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