“We Should All Work For Consolidation Of Tribal Unity”, Khalili

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) At the meeting Daikundi governor congratulated Mohammad Karim Khalili on the eve of New Year and shared some of the environmental problems of the province. 
He said that better ground exists in the province for implementation of development projects, however due to limited budgetary allocations and other problems emanating from late conclusion of contracts, the development projects often delayed. 
He also mentioned the shortage of asphalted roads as another problem of the province and noted that the 20 km road of Nili up to Kenaq, Nili to Panjab from Ahtarly and building of second degree road of Nili to Gujra from Ketti and creation of a battalion of national army considering the commitments of the ministries of public works and Defense Ministry as important part of the transition of security to the security forces in the province.   
At the meeting in which minister of higher education was also present, Khalili congratulated the people of Daikundi on the eve of New Year and hoped for a very promising year towards peace and stability in the country. 
Khalili noted that despite the problems, under the new chapter a good opportunity has come about for the progress in Afghanistan, we should all work for consolidation of unity of tribes in the country. 
He considered efforts for construction of the north-to-south and west to east roads especially that of Herat-Ghour-Kabul as a priority of the government during the current year.

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