We Will Boost Operations To Fully Eliminate Daesh, MoD

Monday August 8, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Recently, the Daesh group militants are considerably operational in some eastern parts of Afghanistan, but, the officials of the ministry for defense said, ‘we will spare no effort to fully eliminate this group.’ Spokesperson for the ministry, Brig. Gen. Dawlat Waziri said, ‘we have intensified attacks to uproot Daesh in eastern Nangarhar province, where consequently, their bases have been annihilated and huge casualties imposed on them.’ Mopping-up operations are continuing in insecure districts of the province, Waziri further said, adding we could completely clear Kot and Achin districts from the existence of Daesh group. The Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) conduct almost 18 military operations on daily basis which are successfully done, Waziri stressed. Adi Khalid, former deputy interior minister and military expert said, ‘there are many reasons existed that the Daesh group cannot emerge in Afghanistan, as their only aim is possibly to expand Wahabizm and are seriously opposed of other sects.’
In their ruling areas, Daesh are trying to take the women and girls for slavery, Khalid further said, adding but Afghanistan is an Islamic country and slavery culture is impossible to be followed here. The Afghan people are sick of religious wars, as they have been always the main victim of religion, Khalid continued. But now, the Afghans want to live, they have their own law and won’t allow any group to misuse the name of religion, Khalid went on to say. Haroun Mir, another political expert believes that experiences show whoever has money can recruit people for destructive activities; therefore, as Daesh has financial resources, they can easily recruit Taliban fighters and unemployed youth to increase its militants’ number.
Over the last more than three decades, existence of religious centers inside Afghanistan and Pakistan have caused to pave the way for emergence of Daesh, Mir further said. In fact, Daesh is a group that expected to be created against Iran, because the gulf countries were afraid of emergence of Iran as a regional power, he added. The MPs ask the security entities to seriously step up against this insurgent group and don’t let them get improved. We ask the government of Afghanistan, particularly the security organs of the country and other regional countries to make effort for ensuring security in the region and don’t let the enemies to shed the Muslims’ blood, the MPs added. This is while that the Afghan security forces are capable enough to ensure security and fight against any insurgent groups, as well as the international community is beside the Afghan people to cooperate with government in any field.  Suraya-Raiszada

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