With Construction of Kandahar 350 Bed Hospital, Supply of Medical Services In South Zone To Be Improved

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The foundation stone of 350 bed regional hospital in Kandahar province was laid down by minister of public health Dr. Soraya Dalil.
This hospital will be built with an expenditure of over US $9.2 m from the budget of Afghan government in four stories and will be put to exploitation in three years reported BNA adding that calling construction of this hospital as a very important development project, Dr. Soraya Dalil said, Kandahar hospital not only will meet medical needs of that province but the adjacent provinces as well.
Touching the recent medical developments and achievements in Kandahar province, MoPH said, creation of Kandahar Institute of Medical Sciences, expansion of this institute to learning, laboratory and pharmacy branches, opening of addicts’ treatment center and training of female medical workers in the programs of community nursing training and community nursing, are among important medical progresses and achievements which have been undertaken for improvement of medical situation in this province.
She called freeing of this province from Polio as a good development, said that for nearly two years Kandahar province has not witnessed any positive polio case and preservation of this gain requires coordination.
Kandahar governor Dr. Toryali Wisa, some of Kandahar law makers in the house members of provincial council, government officials, a number of local influentials and elders had also attended this ceremony.

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