Wolesi Jirga Members Select Jirga’s Deputy Speaker, Secretary

Monday, March 17, 2014
Kabul (BNA)  In a session chaired yesterday by speaker of Lower House of National Assembly Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, the jerga’s speaker while congratulating commencement of the fourth legislative year of national assembly’s 16th period expressed hope that the jerga could address the affairs in this period.
Pointing out related to the session’s internal tasks’ principles on appointment of administrative panel, speaker of the jerga said holding elections for selection of the panel was in the top priorities of the jerga and should be fulfilled before discussing on other issues.
Ibrahimi asked members of the jerga to declare their nominations for taking first deputy speaker, second deputy speaker, and secretariat and deputy secretariat posts.
Following, Abdul Zahir Qadir and Merwais Yasini nominated themselves for the post of first deputy speaker, Dr. Mohammad Salih Saljoqi and Nimatullah Ghafari nominated themselves for the post of second deputy speaker, Eng. Sayed Ikram and Abdul Qadir Qalatwal nominated themselves for the post of secretary and Orfanullah Orfan was the only member who nominated himself for the post of deputy secretary.
As Orfanullah Orfan registered himself for the post of deputy secretary, voting process was started and as a result, Orfanullah Orfan was selected as deputy secretary of the jirga for the second time.
In the session, after nominees for the post of firs deputy speaker, second deputy speakers and secretary delivered their programs to the session, members of the jirga cast votes in boxes.
After counting the ballots, Merwais Yasini by getting 65 votes and Abdul Zahir Qadir by getting 82 votes was not able to get necessary votes for taking the post of first deputy speaker.
On the other hand, Dr. Mohamamd Salih Saljoqi by getting 105 votes succeeded to get the post for second deputy speaker. Other nominees nominating for the post of secretary of the jirga were not able to get necessary votes. Speaker of the jerga Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi while congratulating the posts to the second deputy speaker and deputy secretary asked volunteers to declare their candidates for nomination of the posts of first deputy speaker and secretary. In the session, members of the jerga while expressing sympathy and condolences over death of the first vice president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Marshal Mohamamd Qasim Fahim discussed on a series of issues.

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