Women Expectation From Presidential Elections

Tuesday April 8, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Following persistent concerns and speculations over the security of the presidential and provincial councils’ elections, finally the people of Afghanistan succeeded to largely participate in the elections and give a neck-down answer to the enemies of this country including the insurgents Taliban who had warned against the voting in the elections.
The people of Afghanistan proved that no threat and intimidation could overshadow their moral to work for the national cause and prosperity, stability and development of their country and their participation in the elections ratifies this fact. The Afghan women by defying the threats and intimidation of the Taliban extensively voted in the election to ensure the protection of the last decade’s achievements and to further intensify women’s political, economic, education and social contributions in the country in the future and institutionalize democracy. But, at the same time the Afghan women expect that the next government honestly work for growth of women role in the society in order to develop women role in all sectors of life.
“The women bravely voted in the elections to develop democracy and one of the important aspects of democracy are it allows the women to cast votes in the election and contribute in the political process of the country,” local resident Gulalai said. “Previous ten years have been outstanding in the political history of Afghanistan, because in this period of time, Afghanistan become on the concentration of international community and world raised billions of dollars to strengthen security and develop democracy and large women participation in the elections has been applicable only through the generous support of international community from the women.” “Regrettably, still many women in the country are the victims of some so-called traditional values and the cultural restrictions have visibly overshadowed women contributions in the society, this issue besides depriving the women from education and learning, has also denied their right to vote in a democratic process, and this approach has also left negative impacts on women psychological situations,” a house wife in Kabul Shahnaz said.
“In Afghanistan many families have imposed illogical restrictions on women and are not allowing the women to decide on their future or give a verdict on the issues,” Shahnaz added. “The women must be allowed to play role on management and political spheres.”
“There is need to provide awareness among the people about the role of women in the society and women capacity building must be developed in order to overcome on the challenges on way of women in the future,” female physician Dr. Zakia said. Participation of women in the elections reveal that the country moves forward towards positive change and majority of the people in Afghanistan believe on moderation and democratic values and are willing to move side by side with the world community toward socioeconomic opulence, rule of law, social justice, equity and gender equality.  

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