Women’s Rights Activist Targeted in Kapisa

فرشته کوهستانی فعال مدنی کاپیسا به قتل رسید

Kabul (BNA) Freshta Kohistani, a women’s rights activist, was gunned down in Hesa-e-Kuhistan district in Kapisa province on Thursday evening, the Ministry of Interior confirmed.

The incident happened at about 5pm local time. According to the MoI, Kohistani’s brother was also killed in the attack. Within minutes of the targeted killing, Afghans took to social media in anger. This is the latest in a string of assassinations of a public figure. On Wednesday, Yousuf Rashid, the CEO of Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA), was gunned down outside his home in Kabul in what has become a clear increase in targeted assassinations, either through the use of magnetic IEDs against vehicles or by shooting. This has emerged over the past few months and public figures, including civil society members, media workers and government officials appear to be the targets.

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