World Day On Fight Against Drugs Consumption And Traffic Marked

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Speaking at a grand ceremony held to mark the World Day on Fight against Drugs Consumption and Traffic, Dr. Kamal Sadat, Acting Minister of Information and Culture said Tuesday that fighting the imposed war, corruption, drugs and other crimes were the most important responsibility of both the government and the people.
He asked the entire people of Afghanistan, particularly the youth to keep away from the fatal drug addiction and stay alongside the organs concerned to uproot the vicious phenomenon, the BNA reported.
“Wide number of our people, and particularly the youths, who could be counted on, as the strongest workforce of the country are now addicted to drugs,” Sadat regretted advising to launch heavy campaign against it until annihilation.
The meeting was cooperated to be held by the Colombo Plan, with the Chief Dr. Mohammad Zafar Rassoul expressing concern over the growing drug addicts in some provinces of the country said war and popularization of poppy cultivation were the main elements behind increase in addiction and highly consumption of the drugs in Afghanistan.
Religious advisor to the CE, Ahmad Noor Waqef also spoke at the meeting and blamed those drug addicted individuals to have lost potency for work and gaining legal revenues, so they resort to robbery and stealing houses.
Deputy Counterdrug Minister, Dr. Mohammad Jawid Qayem said some 2 million, four hundred drug addicts, with up to 85,000 of them women and over 10,000 children were suffering addiction in Afghanistan, a figure critically concerning in the war-torn country.

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