World Nawroz Festival Held In Kabul With Participation of Iran, Tajikistan And Pakistan Leaders

Saturday, March 29, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Hosting by Afghanistan, this year the world Nawroz festival was organized in Kabul with the participation of presidents and senior authorities of Nawroz region countries.
In this ceremony which was held in presidential palace, the presidents of Iran, Tajikistan and Pakistan, deputy prime ministers of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kirghizstan, deputy UN secretary general, representatives of other countries of Nawroz region, regional and international organizations, ambassadors and corps diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Afghanistan and vice presidents and senior Afghan officials.
Welcoming the arrival of presidents, authorities of Nawroz region countries and other guests to Afghanistan Hamid Karzai president of Afghanistan said, Nawroz has a very proper position in the life, history and literature of central Asia territories and in our all languages.
Nawrozi festivals have not been religious rites but they are a nice tradition of our people and territories. We are the owners of a great civilization. In my opinion this historical and civil participation together with popular and geographical commons could make a powerful foundation of coordination and cooperation among our countries for a better future. The civilization of our region is the product of co-existence and scientific cultural activities and creativities of our countries elites. All of us are the owner of old civilization of this region and are proved of it.
Hamid Karzai added, Mavlana jalaluddin Balkhi, Abu Ali Sina Balkhi, Rodaki Samarqandi, Nezami ganjavi, Sanayee Ghaznawi, Khawja Abdullah Ansari, Hafiz Sherazi, Behzad Herawi, Bedel Dehlavi, Rahman Baba, Khoshhal Khan Khatak, Shekarandoy Ghori, Eqbal Lahori and many other leaders of this civilization have a place in our hearts.
In the home of every cultural person of Pashto, Dari, Uzbeky or other language speaking of this country the works of these elders can be found. We in our country and other neighboring countries take omen with Hafiz. In Afghanistan people take omen with the book of Rahman Baba. In our monasteries collection of Baydel is read and we sing and hum with a poems of Iqbal Lahori in the hope of awakening and unity of world of Islam.
President Karzai said, the future of our territories is connected to and coordination of regional countries. Cooperation, without coordination and cooperation we cannot settle or remove current problems and challenges. My hope is this to bring peace, security and progress in our region with strengthening and expansion of cooperation.
Later Dr. Hassan Roohani president of Iran Islamic Republic delivered a speech and said, we as the leaders of countries who have set on the table cloth of Nawroz, must imitate to tradition and cultures of our nations. Namely the tradition of our nations who sweep dust from home in Nawroz, we should sweep dust in our governments too and remove the dust of vendetta and indignation, improve bases of reconciliation, co-existence and friendship and plant sapling of friendship.
He said, moderation of nature without moderation of politics is dark. One can’t talk on moderation in a region in which a group even small beat the drum of war and sow the seed of anger, while extremism take victim.
Dr. Roohani added, today we celebrate Nawroz in a territory which has been a victim of ignorance, wrath, and extremism, has resisted against different extremist ideologies from communism to extremism and has each time raised its head from ground and restored its independence and has created the combination of Afghanistan Islamic Republic in the fragile balance among national culture, religious culture and new culture.
Then president of Tajikistan Emam Ali Rahman delivered his speech and said, we and you have gathered to celebrate the most beautiful and pleasant humanitarian festival of world shinning Nawroz in this beautiful territory of white clad slopes of Hindukosh, the territory of love of Rostom Dastan, Koshan great men, the land of braves and heroes.
He said, we and you know very well that Allah the Great and Rich has called the Muslim nation as a moderate nation and moderation explains a series of lofty qualities and virtues.
Moderation is the path of wisdom, rebuilding, growth and prosperity of mankind. Contrary extremism and exaggeration in thinking, saying, acting, disturbs the civilization foundation of society and cause misfortunes and human tragedies.
President of Pakistan Mamnon Hussein in his speech congratulating Nawroz expressed warm greetings and respects of people of Pakistan to Afghan people said that Pakistan is committed to friendly relations with neighboring and regional countries and would continue its efforts to support expansion of peace, development and joint welfare.
The world Nawroz festival was concluded with singing of Nawrozi songs and songs, offering of local Afghan foods and foods of Nawroz countries and displaying of Nawrozi traditions’ and handicrafts with vast participation of large number of Afghans and representations of countries of Nawroz cultural region.

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