Young MPs Urge On Broad Youth Participation In Sparing Poll

Wednesday March 19, 2014
Kabul (BNA) As the dawn of new spring heads closer, the political parties and coalitions are struggling to offer an explicit and comprehensive recognition of their platforms to the nation in order to seek more support for the upcoming presidential and provincial councils elections scheduled to take place on 5 April 2014, among the political developments, youth of Afghanistan that constitute the great human resources of this country are seeking to play dynamic and coherent role in the polling process and mark destiny of the country on their own hands in the view of ongoing situations and internal and external issues confronted by the country.
In the meantime, the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) has said that the youths by considering the future and political stability of their homeland are undertaking effective programs to ensure their broad participation in the elections and the IEC is committed to facilitate them take part in the polling on the basis of the prevailing laws of Afghanistan. A number of legislators in the House of Representatives have said that larger participation of the youths in the election process will further strengthen the legitimacy and credibility of the elections as today 60 percent of the overall population of Afghanistan constitute the youths. Young MPs have urged on the youths to cast ballots in the election on the basis of the national interests of Afghanistan and avoid focusing on the ethnic discriminations and political relation.
“I hope that the youths accomplish their historic role in the elections, the election candidates must not forget the issues faced by the youths, the Afghan nation has major aspiration and hopes from this election and it should be a nationwide election,” MP Nahid Farid said. Another MP believes that youths of Afghanistan can persuade the people across the country to realize significance of the election on economic and political stability of the country and must convince the elderly individuals to commute to the polling booths and select the next president on the basis of ballots so that Afghanistan continue moving towards sustainable democracy, longstanding peace and security and socioeconomic opulence.
“IF the youths of Afghanistan want to play greater role in the political future of the country, they must largely participate in the elections and vote in support of the candidates that firmly maintains faith on the democracy, rule of law and democratic values, today the Afghan youths claim that they form almost sixty percent of the society, then they should practically provide their role by taking part in the elections,” said Naqibullah Fayeq, head of parliamentary commission for higher education. The people of Afghanistan expect that the election candidates during the campaigns represent a compressive strategy from their future roadmap and programs to the nation and avoid giving fake promises to the people.    

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