Zarif Urges Unity Among Muslims After Kabul Attack

Monday, July 25, 2016
Tehran (BNA) Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that all Muslims of the world must unite to fight global terrorism.
His remarks came after scores of innocent people were killed in a deadly terrorist attack in Afghanistan on Saturday. Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.
In a twitter message posted online on Sunday, Zarif said that Afghanistan terror bombings are another instance of depth of Daesh depravity, IRNA reported.
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman BahramQassemi also condemned the attack in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.
Terrorism, extremism, and endangering innocent people’s lives are and have always been a terrible and unexplainable act, said Qassemi.
“As we have always said that uprooting terrorism is not possible without cooperation and mutual understanding among all the world’s countries,” he added.
Kabul was plunged into mourning Sunday after its deadliest attack for 15 years killed 80 people, AFP reported.
Tempers were frayed a day after the twin bombings that tore through crowds of Hazara minority protesters, as many anxiously searched hospitals and morgues, looking among the mutilated bodies for missing relatives.
The bombings occurred as thousands of Hazara protesters had gathered to demand that a multimillion-dollar power line pass through their electricity-starved province of Bamyan.
Many protesters defiantly camped there overnight, holding candlelight vigils and reciting Qur’anic verses even though the government announced a 10-day ban on public gatherings on security grounds.
“The lines of Afghan men and women who queued to donate blood for their injured compatriots was a poignant indicator of the Afghan peoples’ resilience and solidarity in the face of terrible violence,” the United Nations said.

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